Posted by: Mrs. HSH | July 28, 2010

Garden Party

After about a year in our home, Jon and I have settled into the roles of outside caretaker and inside caretaker. We regularly assist one another, but this is mostly how we operate.

Jon, being the outsider (if you were wondering), has decided to go “organic” with the yard (not sure exactly what this means, being the insider). In addition, he’s decided to do most everything the “hard” way, including using an old-fashioned manual reel mower and growing flowers from actual seeds! Now this might not seem that drastic to the truly industrious/ gifted/ experienced folks out there, but I must remind you we are novices in nearly every home-related way!

I digress…

Jon decided to plant our front garden circle (quite the cute little thing, actually) with some flowers….from the seeds.

Unfortunately, not only is this a long process, it appears that this spot is more suited for a bird bath, bird feeder or bird condo as it is frequented by birds all day long. Never discouraged by challenges, Jon planted the circle with two-dozen seeds. Aware of the birds’ fondness for this spot, he also crafted a little scarecrow, if you will, out of foil. I like to call this the foil-flag experiment (several still exist around the premises of our home).

After a few days of observation, it appeared that while the foil flag might have discouraged the bird flight path, it had not entirely solved the problem. Seeds were still disappearing one-by-one.   

Ever the crafty-gardener, Jon decided he had the solution to this problem as well. He went to the nearest toy store and bought a toy snake to stick in garden to scare away the birds that were trying to eat our flower seeds!

As you can imagine, this little garden party started to draw the attention of our neighbors. We came home one day to find a Christmas lawn gnome (think the Travelocity gnome) sitting next to the foil flag and the snake. Other neighbors must have picked up on this little stunt, because by the end of the week we had a toy snake, foil flag, two gnomes, two toy cowboys and a plastic jaguar in our flower garden.

As amusing as this was, the scene was starting to look like a rag-tag manger scene — and to top it off, we only had a few green sprouts and no flowers!

So, after about two months, we headed to our local garden shop (Target) and bought some instant gratification. And, Voila!

 (Moral of this story: Leave the seeds for the birds and just buy the flowers!)


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