Posted by: Mrs. HSH | August 5, 2010

Over the Garden Wall

I am going to begin, what I am sure will be, a series of updates on our garden wall.

Let me explain.

Our neighbors are building an addition to their home. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t think to snap a few photos of the beginning stages because, from the looks of it, the outside infrastructure appears to be completed and in place. It’s going on the fifth month of construction, I would estimate. However, it’s hard to tell if the end is indeed near. You might be surprised that I am keeping such close tabs on my neighbor’s construction, but the truth is I can’t help but not. You see, our back fence is not really a fence at all. It’s a wall, and it’s only about waist high. This actually had a very charming effect when we first moved in. It did help that our neighbors never used their backyard. Thus, we spent the first six months in our home enjoying our backyard, which seemed to be double its actual size, with quite the sense of privacy. As the saying goes, “this too shall pass.” And, it did.

Construction began, as I mentioned, several months ago. Our neighbors were kind enough to give us a heads up about their intended plans, and no sooner did the construction team arrive (every morning at 7am). Now you might be sensing a bit of negativity, but I truly hope not to convey such a tone.  We really have not been inconvenienced by the construction (although, a few construction workers might have received a few cheap thrills one morning as I undressed).

The issue remains only with our garden wall. It’s quite the anomaly in the modern neighborhood. I’d never actually seen a yard that was only separated from another by such a non-intrusive barrier. But, the issue is what to do with it now. The neighbors had suggested that they would perhaps erect a fence on their side of the wall. So, we are left with the question about what to do with this thing on our side. Tear it down? Decorate it? Hide it with another fence?  At our pace, we might be watching our neighbors kids get married in that backyard before we decide what to do.

We will continue to lament over the options until that time….



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