Posted by: Mrs. HSH | August 12, 2010

Two’s a Crowd!

Everyone has a perfect number, whether it’s the perfect weight, age, or salary. My perfect number is two: two bathrooms, that is.

When Jon and I were house-hunting, we developed a list of “must-haves”, “wants” and “wouldn’t- it- be- nice(s)”. A house with two bathrooms fell somewhere between “want” and “wouldn’t- it- be-nice.” We were house-hunting in Sacramento’s older neighborhoods, and the trade off for the hardwood floors and abundance of character was the smaller square footage and fewer bathrooms.

While we love our new house, we didn’t end up with everything on our niceties lists (including the walk-in closet for me)! We’d survived with one bathroom for three years in our Midtown apartment – but that one was huge (you could have literally had a party in there). Our current bathroom is fairly narrow, thanks to a large sliding glass shower door, and sometimes it seems more like the galley on a commercial airliner. I keep waiting for turbulence, or the fasten seatbelt light to come on! 

The ultimate "before" pic...

So far our morning routine seems to be more of a “race.” The alarm goes off at 6:30 a.m. and we both snooze for a while. But, it’s always a contest to see who can peel themselves out of bed first to jump into the shower. At one point, Jon was actually showering at work because it was a more efficient use of time (and I was taking too long)! 

I’m wondering if the key to the future may be a bathroom with two sinks. I think this might solve our morning time crunch.  So, the search is on for a vanity that will fit within our budget (this idea is going on a long list of improvements) and, more importantly, a vanity that will fit in our bathroom!


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