Posted by: Mrs. HSH | August 18, 2010

Neighborhood Bonding

I keep meaning to snap a few photos of a certain street in our neighborhood. The street was blanketed with pink flamingo lawn ornaments a few weeks back. Two or three pink plastic birds adorn each of the lawns up and down the block. It’s really quite funny, and I’m hoping that the story comes out through the neighborhood grapevine as to why someone decided the block needed a little extra flair!

Jon and I were actually really surprised when we moved in as to how tight our neighborhood is.  We knew the area had a reputation for being very active (the neighborhood association is in a heated battle with a local developer over a vacant, contaminated plot of land) and very community-oriented. However, we soon learned that not only is our neighborhood active, but our neighbors are also very friendly! No sooner did we move in than we received an invite to a potluck down the street. We later learned that our street has monthly potlucks and the host rotates around the block. We also heard tales of a 4th of July parade, a Secret Santa game and concerts in the nearby park!

We began to wonder if we hit the neighborhood jackpot, or if all this togetherness was going to come back and bite us in the ass when our lawn turned brown? After having lived in both the Bay Area and Southern California, both of us were a little taken aback by the kindness of strangers, albeit neighbors. Neither of us had experienced anything other than anonymity in our previous living situations. We were actually more accustomed to looking the other way or just nodding at the guy next door instead of stopping to chat.

It took a little while, but neither one of us now runs at the sight of a neighbor passing by. Jon spends enough time in the yard to have chatted with most folks on the block, and we’ve attended several of our street-wide potlucks. Slowly but surely the unique small-town charm of our inner-city neighborhood is really growing on us! However, things might change if a gang of plastic, pink flamingos show up on our lawn !  I’m just saying! 😉



  1. I just noticed this on your facebook page and decided to take a look. Interesting stuff – maybe some new boxers for Jon should I get his name at Christmas!

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