Posted by: Mrs. HSH | August 20, 2010

A Home Away from Home

Jon and I have an amazing talent for sneaking away from the “to-do” list. Only months after buying our home and actually formulating the list did we decide to run off and get married and take a long honeymoon. Ok, the wedding was in the works for a while! Never-the-less, it gave us months of excuses as to why we hadn’t accomplished anything on the house!

This year, the summer weather has been truly blissful and yet another reason to put the list aside, grab the tent and head for the mountains. With summer’s end quickly approaching, Jon and I are wondering if we can squeeze in one last camping trip for the season (and put off the dresser-refinishing project until another weekend). 

Living in Sacramento means we are fortunate enough to be within about a two-hour drive of just about any type of camping you could want. The Sierras offer a real wilderness feel, while the many rivers around Sacramento provide amazing swimming holes and quick, outdoor weekend satisfaction. Jon and I have spent a lot of time in our tent, which really does feel like our summer home.

Maybe it was the six weeks in college that I spent living in my tent on my brother’s front lawn while desperately looking for an apartment that really convinced me a tent can just as easily substitute for a home away from home!

Or, perhaps it was my parents that taught me that if you bring everything under the sun when you head to the mountains, your campground can truly feel like an extension of your house

Maybe it’s just the fact that Jon and I like to spend time outside and have schlepped out tent all over the globe.

In any case, we’ve found the key to the best DIY project ever: four poles and a nylon dome equals your very own summer cottage! And, away we go!


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