Posted by: Mrs. HSH | August 26, 2010

Pretty in Pink…or Putrid in Pepto?

At a BBQ a few weeks ago, a neighbor I’d never met asked where we lived on the block. After trying for a few moments to explain how many houses down the street we lived, I finally said, “it’s the pink house.” Without flinching, our neighbor nodded his head in instant acknowledgement. And so it was finally settled – we’d officially become the “pink house people.”

You’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I couldn’t help but start to feel like the big pink elephant in the room. Several months prior, we’d learned that our house hadn’t always been this color. Only a few years before we purchased ‘ol pinko did the previous owner complete its pink paint transformation (complete with matching pink garage and backyard wall). Apparently, our neighbors directly across the street were slightly horrified to come home one day to find that the house they stare at everyday out of their big, beautiful picture window had been transformed by a new, gleaming shade of pepto – a shade, apparently even too pink even for the previous owner.

I wouldn’t dwell too much on our little home’s pink-ness (it’s on the list, but not even close to the top), but it doesn’t stop on the outside. Our one and only little bathroom is also tiled in pink with a matching – actually a debatable issue – maroon tile. The bathroom remodel is also quite a bit further down the list than many other things (do I sound like a broken record yet?!). So, after some reflection I decided to embrace my pink habitat and try and find a kitschy kind of decor that would embrace the pink and perhaps even coordinate with it, for now at least.


After a little internet surfing, I came across, a lovely little site dedicated to bathrooms just like mine! The site encourages folks to rethink ripping out that retro pink tile and instead own the mid-century, vintage look. While I’m not sure I’ll be able to take “the pledge” and keep the pink, I definitely appreciate the enthusiasm and will absolutely use the site for inspiration to help dress up my little pink powder room! And, who knows…it just might start to grow on me!


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