Posted by: Mrs. HSH | August 27, 2010

A Yard With and Without a View

Work is progressing on our neighbor’s home addition on the other side of our garden wall. I did a little snooping last night and noticed that there are markers every so many feet on their side of the wall, indicating some impending landscaping or maybe even signs of a soon-to-be erected fence? 


Despite the sounds of construction over the last few months, I’ve actually enjoyed the little insight into my neighbor’s life. A fence is now starting to feel so final, like a window being shut tight, curtains pulled, goodbye, see you later! There is no spectacular view, just more greenery and what I think is a lemon tree, but the open air between our yards has created a nice and inviting space that I’m beginning to think I will really miss. 

Perhaps my chagrin is more related to what the situation reminds me of: my starving student days in France. I can’t help but be reminded of the time I once lived on the eighth floor of an apartment building in this dinky little studio in Paris. The place wasn’t really anything special, except for the view. The view was spectacular. The entire 400 square feet that was this apartment looked out of a large, functioning picture window that overlooked the Eiffel Tower. 


Not "the" view...but you get the point

For the first three months of my sojourn in this little shoe box, I kept my curtains completely open, maximizing my exposure to what I knew would be my first and only apartment with such as view!  Sure enough, not long after I actually became accustomed to gazing out at such a wonderful sight, did I begin to hear the sounds of construction.  Slowly but surely, the skeleton of a high- rise apartment building began to rise from the ground, like it was being lifted on some kind of marionette strings. The scaffolding got higher and higher until one day I opened my window in the morning and said Au Revoir to the Eiffel Tower and Bonjour to the construction worker next door! 

There is certainly no Eiffel Tower-view in my backyard, but the day their fence goes up, I might just have a hard time saying Au Revoir


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