Posted by: Mrs. HSH | August 30, 2010

Magic in a Can

Just as magic shell creates a thick, chocolaty brown coating over your chosen treat, this stuff does the same for any given object –it’s just a shame you can’t eat it!  I heard about Rustoleum Universal All Surface spray paint on Young House Love, a fantastic DIY home improvement blog, and I couldn’t wait to try it! This stuff is simply magic in a can!

First, it was quite possibly my easiest and fastest trip to Home Depot ever (always a plus)! You can find this stuff in most home improvement stores and it comes in several different colors and finishes. AND, did I mention, its only $6 per can!

I’d actually been looking for a new fireplace set for some time. The set that came with our home is quite old with a brassy finish that’s fading away – not a good thing when it decorates the focal point of a room.  


When I read about this spray paint and its ability to cover anything from plastic to metal to wood I knew I’d found the solution. 

First, I simply washed down the screen and tools with a wet wash cloth and let them dry completely.

Clean it!

Second, I covered the ground with a drop cloth and began to spray. It’s just that easy. The paint dries completely in about hour. After a second coat and some time to dry, the set was ready to move inside.

And, voila! With two cans of paint, I was able to transform this dated fireplace set for just $12! That’s my idea of magic!

Rustoleum Universal All Surface Spray Paint in the Espresso Satin Finish



  1. Nice work! And I love “Young House Love”. Well, I do until they start talking about anything baby.

  2. […] After the successful transformation of my fireplace set,  I couldn’t wait to try Rustoleum spray on a few other items around the house. It’s just so […]

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