Posted by: Mrs. HSH | September 2, 2010

Au Revoir Neighbors …Hello Fence

The fence is up.

So, now the brainstorm is in full force on what to do with that garden wall. One option that we will most likely turn to first is potted plants. Jon’s been quite the gardener lately creating his own clippings and transplanting flowers into pots at record speed. At last look, our reading nook was full of tiny little plants and one re-potted hydrangea.

We won’t have a shortage of pots to place on the wall. However, this might be a temporary solution. 

For starters, we’ve been thinking about painting the wall a more neutral color. The light blue wall with the pink garage makes me feel like I’m in the baby section of some department store! Since the fence is not too much higher than the wall, we are considering placing several planter boxes on top of the wall, and perhaps the greenery of the plants will cover up the remainder of the fence.

Of course, we will also have to decide if the rose bushes stay or go and what type of plants to put in the planter boxes. Jon’s latest obsession is Asian-style landscaping and gardens. I think it reminds him of our honeymoon in Thailand. I’m just not so sure it fits in with the cottage-style home we’ve got going on…

More to come…



  1. Hey ,
    I have power tools so we can wip out planters or any size or shape pretty economically. If you have a design let’s get to work!

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