Posted by: Mr. HSH | September 2, 2010


Have you tried Catalog Choice?

It’s great — a free website where you can cancel unwanted catalogs, or at least put companies on formal notice that you’re not interested in their wares (and thus not worth the postage). It’s run by a nonprofit and has gained attention and praise from national media outlets.

As apartment dwellers we always received an impressive amount of catalogs — mostly fashion stuff for my wife and some fishing stuff for me — but it was always a reasonable amount. But when we became homeowners it seemed the mailbox began overflowing every day with catalogs and free magazines. Home improvement, housewares, gardening, cottage living, country clutter, international tchotchkes, knitting, children’s clothes… The list goes on.

While procrastinating one day, I logged on and began cancelling. I didn’t get far. Many of the companies that send us catalogs apparently aren’t participants in the Catalog Choice service, which I guess is voluntary. And I discovered that you can also sign up for new catalogs that you do want through Catalog Choice.

I cancelled Banana Republic and Redplum and a few others — and then signed up for several new tool, yard and outdoors catalogs on individual company home pages after discovering them on Catalog Choice. When you include the catalogs that I rejected but keep coming, I think we’re at a net gain in junk mail.

So much for simplification.



  1. Why did you cancel Banana Republic!?! That’s one of the ones I like!

  2. Omg, I JUST came in here to ask you why you would cancel her BR catalog, haha!

  3. Thanks, found the article on google, nice post fella

  4. […] the search continued until one day while causally browsing the Crate and Barrel catalogue – one of the many we still receive despite Jon’s best attempts – I came across Tux! I was […]

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