Posted by: Mrs. HSH | September 4, 2010

Oh Kitchen, My Kitchen

With our big kitchen remodel only six maybe seven months away (I’m a planner, people!), I’ve begun to brainstorm for ideas, mustering all of the inspiration and creativity I possibly can. Our goal is to keep the bones of the kitchen (and good bones they are) but replace and reface most everything in it. One of the reasons Jon and I fell in love with our house was its great layout and the good-sized kitchen.  It’s surprisingly spacious for such an old home, and we instantly recognized its potential.

Our first dilemma involves the flooring. We were extremely lucky – hit the jackpot, really – to uncover vintage hardwood floors with a beautiful mahogany inlay underneath the old shag carpet that covered pretty much the entire home.

 The kitchen, laundry room and bathroom are the only rooms in the house that are not graced with this magnificent flooring. So, the first big question: what type of flooring to put in the kitchen?

Current Flooring

Our current kitchen floor is linoleum reminiscent of the “Brady Bunch” home, and it most likely hails from the same era. While my husband wants hardwood there too, I’m hesitant. I do like the look of it, but  it seems so hard to compete with the original wood in rest of the house. Tile is another option we are considering. However, I do spend all my time standing up in the kitchen and that cold, hard tile seems like it’d be so hard on my poor little feet. And my husband has a propensity to drop dishes.

With all this potential come so many choices! As we start to brainstorm for our kitchen remodel, I can’t help but be a little overwhelmed by all of the options. I was honestly hoping that if I stopped thinking about it, the inspiration would secretly sneak up on me by conjecture and “poof” my dream (budget) kitchen would pop into my head.

But alas this has not happened, so its onto Plan B – pouring through magazines and websites in search of things we like and the easier chore, things we don’t like! Here are some the designs I’m thinking about:






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