Posted by: Mrs. HSH | September 7, 2010

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!

On the way home from my weekend run, I decided to head home by way of a particular house Jon and I looked at when we were house hunting. I noticed that it recently sold and – nosey me – I wanted to see if the new owners had moved in.

As I was walking by from across the street (so as not to appear too nosey), I almost tripped over what I thought was a pile of wood on the sidewalk. At second glance, I noticed that it wasn’t wood, but several wooden planter boxes….excuse me…FREE planter boxes!

As if left for us specifically, these planter boxes were exactly what Jon and I were thinking about building for our garden wall situation! In my excitement, I picked up one of the boxes (including the sign that read “free to a good home”) and practically ran home with the thing. I grabbed Jon and we jumped in the car and zoomed back to pick up the rest of the boxes.

My Best Landscape Design

With a little TLC, the planters will be as good as new and PERFECT for our garden wall.

Christmas came early this year!



  1. […] neighbors built this fence behind our garden wall, and we found these planter boxes to help disguise the awkwardness of it all.  The planter boxes were a free find on the side of the […]

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