Posted by: Mrs. HSH | September 13, 2010

Reworking and Repurposing

Jon and I are saving our pennies for the big kitchen remodel,  but our bedroom needed some work. With such a small space, we hadn’t invested in any furniture for the “master” but it was starting to wear on me.

Jon inherited a old dresser and we had a few IKEA nightstands, but we needed a few extra places to put our odds and ends. And, honestly, I just wanted to spruce things up a bit.


So, instead of hitting the mall, I looked to the garage. I started with an old coverlet we had packed away and some silk Christmas decorations. The silk flowers matched the old coverlet perfectly!



We also had an antique accent piece of furniture from Jon’s mom that was sitting in our laundry room collecting dust. With a drawer that is a perfect out-of-sight place to throw our keys and phones, it provided us with the little extra places we were looking for!  And, it was free!

With just a few tweaks, we made our bedroom a little more functional and bought us some time until we can do a more major overhaul.  


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