Posted by: Mrs. HSH | September 14, 2010

We have art!

A few years ago, there was a show on TV where homeowners would remove any pictures of themselves from their house and a person would have to guess who and what type of people lived in the house, based on the decor and possessions. I loved this show. It was always interesting to see if you could guess who lived in a house based on what books they read, furniture they owned or music they listened to.

When Jon and I began to decorate, I couldn’t help but think of this show.

I’m not really a knick- knack kind of person.  Of course I have the few odds and ends from our travels and the basic (and I mean basic) holiday decor, but I’m not the type to really fill up the mantel with collectables or have a table full of tchotchkes.  I was a bit conflicted when I first started decorating our place. I wanted our home to be the ultimate reflection of our style and personality (ok, more my style and Jon’s personality), but I also wanted to keep it simple and clutter-free.


So, I decided on an art wall to showcase some of the places we’ve been and experiences we’ve had.  I love (I mean L-O-V-E) to travel, so what better way to express our passion than through pictures of some of our adventures.  We couldn’t really swing “real” art anyway, so we decided to create a bit our own! The wall above our sofa provided the perfect space for a wall of framed pictures.

I simply blew up a few photos online and picked up some frames at Target. I mixed in a few prints we already had and laid them out on the ground to measure and pick a pattern.

A few plaster screws later, and we have art!


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