Posted by: Mrs. HSH | September 16, 2010

Plan of Attack

Plan of attack

I started this blog because Jon and I were beginning to plan our big kitchen remodel and I thought “what better way to capture the insanity than with our very own blog?” Ironically (or not so much so),  a couple months later I think I’ve only written one or two posts about our actual kitchen – not that we’ve actually started any work or anything!  But, I don’t think I even have one picture of our ‘60s beauty on this blog! So here you go…(I’m past the denial phase, obviously)…


Despite the silence on the blog front, we’ve actually started the remodel process. However, in our case, it’s a long process. First there’s denial (mostly on Jon’s part that we are going to spend some $$). Then, of course, there’s anger.  We had our first argument about the remodel a few weeks ago. Next comes bargaining. I believe we are currently in this phase, which might be a long one, leaving depression and resignation still a few months away!

All joking aside, Jon and I are organized, process-oriented people. So as we start to formulate our plan of attack on 60s linoleum, dated appliances and cracked tile, I thought I’d share with you some of our strategies for beginning such a large project. One small caveat: we’ve never done anything like this before. But if we can plan a wedding for 100 people in the middle of a burning forest, with rock slides, I think we might be able to pull this off!

First and foremost, we begin with a budget. This is where the first spreadsheet begins! I like to aim high, so that our actuals might possibly be lower than the original estimate! There are several websites online that can give you rough idea of the costs of certain projects. Of course, nothing beats a real estimate from a contractor. But before we even get to that phase, I like to have an idea of what I’m in for, or rather what our bank account is in for! is a great website that can give you a rough idea of how much your remodel might add up to.

As we’re developing our budget, I’ve also started the design exploratory phase. Since we don’t anticipate changing our floorplan, we’re not seeking the help of a design professional (just yet).

There are several online tools, such as, that can help you visualize your space and let you change things around if you so choose.

To help us visualize what kind of kitchen we’re after, we’ve hit up the internet and all the remodel mags (who knew there were so many?!). Jon has his pile of pictures and I have mine. We’re already played “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”, and it appears we are on the same page! Our relationship is a direct democracy, equal votes, despite my back-room attempts at a design coup.

So, this is where we are. Budget spreadsheet, check. Pile of design aspirations, check. One blog post, check.


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