Posted by: Mrs. HSH | November 12, 2010

Africa…We want to go!

Jon and I are back from a monumental trip to Africa. It’s actually hard to describe everything we experienced and why it was so great.

This trip hit me more than any others we’ve been on. I think it was the combination of dramatic scenery and wildlife…


…mixed with new friendships, and perhaps a newfound respect for a different culture and way of life.

Zulu Village in South Africa

I also came home with a deep appreciation for the life we have and world we live in. One of the reasons I love to travel to such different places is to see with my own eyes how people around the world live.

Travel helps me keep my life in perspective and focus on what is really important.
Graffiti in Maputo, Mozambique

It also reemphasized to me the feeling that those of us that are blessed with more have an obligation to help those that are in need.

It was an amazing experience and I’m honestly having a hard time getting back into my own reality. But, I think that’s the point of travel. It stays with you.



  1. Your post made me think. The USA uses most of the world resources to fuel our life style. Our responsibility is to conserve so that others have something left to work with.

  2. […] does feel a little like Groundhog’s Day around here. Jon and I are preparing for another trip to Africa, Namibia to be exact. With these preparations, focused has shifted from home improvement to more […]

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