Posted by: Mrs. HSH | February 15, 2011

The First Meltdown

After a trip to Lumber Liquidators, Home Depot and Sears all in the same day, without one thing crossed off the ever-expanding to-do list, I had my first minor meltdown.

We haven’t even started demolition yet.

Actually, the frustration bubbled up when I set my sights on what I thought would be our gorgeous new slide-in, stainless steel, five burner, gas-powered range. What a beauty! And, in our price range?! However, I realized about a half an hour later – after convincing Jon that the brand scored high with consumer reports and that I really did need 5 burners –  that it was one inch too wide. I screwed up! The dimensions were off, not the required 30 inches wide. Are you kidding me?!?

 After a few deep breaths and some cross words, I moved on.

The funny thing is that I really thought I’d enjoy this process a lot more – picking out all new stuff according to our very own design aesthetic! What a dream come true, right?  But, I guess I never realized how difficult it would be and how many millions of choices there are. I feel the pressure of spending a lot of money. I want to make educated choices, select reliable brands and not go over budget. And…I also want to love it!

So, I’ve ditched the pollyanna thing and adapted a much more practical attitude. It’s back to the to-do list, but just one thing at time.


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