Posted by: Mrs. HSH | March 5, 2011

The Waiting is the Hardest Part…

Our kitchen designer has informed us that our cabinets will arrive in just a few days…A FEW DAYS!! Jon and I have, at this point, selected and purchased all of the necessary appliances and materials. So, now we wait. Being the communicative couple that we are, we’ve also been discussing how to manage the mess and the stress of the demolition that is to come.  We do try to be reasonable people — it just doesn’t always work that way!

Take our trip to Costa Rica, for example.  Jon and I rented a car and had to drive about 2 ½ hours over horrible roads to get to the house that we rented on the coast.

Crazy Costa Rican Roads!


At the outset, before we even pulled out of the rental car parking lot, we both agreed that the trip ahead of us was going to be stressful and that we needed to remain calm and speak to each other rationally.

 About 10 seconds later, we were headed in the wrong direction.  Horns were honking and Jon’s knuckles were clenched white on the wheel and I yelled, “You’re going the wrong way!”  

Anyhow… We will manage to get through this, as we somehow always manage to do.

In the meantime, I thought I’d document the last few days of this little old kitchen’s life. I’d say I was going to miss it…but that just wouldn’t be honest!

Goodbye Kitchen!


Laundry Room is getting a Makeover too!

Love our swinging door-- thats staying!



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