Posted by: Mrs. HSH | March 10, 2011

Biding Time…

The March 7th cabinet delivery date has come and gone.  I did my best not to bother our poor kitchen designer for at least a couple of days…. However, after three full days and no call from the cabinet people, I just had to inquire. March 7th was apparently an estimate and our cabinets are not slated to arrive at the distribution center until this weekend. So, we wait a little longer. (Patience is not one of my stronger qualities.)

We still have to the pack up the entire kitchen, make room for the new cabinets and frankly do a million other things.  So, the slight delay is probably a good thing.

In the meantime, I’ve been on-line furniture hunting. We decided to keep our refrigerator in the utility room.

The layout of our 1920s kitchen is just not conducive to a large appliance like a refrigerator.

Space for Dining Table ..Just not a Refrigerator!

We could have built it in – and we thought about it – but we would have lost half of the square footage in our already small kitchen. So instead, we are keeping  it where it is and looking for a small kitchen table to fill the void.

I’ve found some beauties, but we are limited on space and funds.  It’s a good thing I’m partial to pub tables (and Target)!

Target Pub Table

"Brisa" Bar Table - Z Gallerie

Drop Leaf Pub Table- Target



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