Posted by: Mrs. HSH | March 21, 2011

Easy Come, Easy Go….

Where do I begin? Let’s start with this:



Our cabinets (all 40 linear feet of them) arrived last Thursday. Since our appliances are currently taking up all the real estate in the garage, we had no alternative but to store them in our living/ dining area. The crew was to start demolition by the end of this week. So, a few more days of chaos wouldn’t be so bad, right? WRONG.

Friday morning the inspection crew arrived. I had an important meeting at work, so Jon was covering the cabinet inspection with our contractor. As I headed out the door, I gave Jon a quick kiss and said, “Good luck.” Unfortunately, luck was nowhere on our side that day. A short 20 minutes later, I received a call from Jon. I knew it couldn’t be good news.

 “They’re wrong,” Jon said

“What?” I replied

“They’re all wrong.”

“All of them?”


“Are you sure?”
“Yes, they are not plywood.”

Let me backup a few steps and explain our plywood obsession. Jon spent several weeks researching cabinets before we actually pulled the trigger. We knew we wanted white cabinets and were satisfied with the look of laminate. However, we wanted a certain level of construction that would provide us with some greater piece of mind.  Jon’s research told us that plywood is always an upgrade from MDF/particle board, and that we should look for cabinets with solid-wood or plywood doors with boxes made of ½- to ¾-inch plywood.  Consumer reports also told us to avoid 3/8″ particle board/MDF at all costs. The price difference was a factor, and  we did go back and forth several times. In the end, we decided that particle board/ MDF  just wouldn’t cut it for us. So, we decided to go for the all plywood construction. It was more expensive, but worth it to us to have a stronger cabinet construction.

Fast forward to  present:  We currently are on day five of a living room and dining room FULL of MDF cabinets. Our Designer, manufacturer and contractor are all working on a fix…until then we wait.

I was prepared for missteps along the way, but this is slightly more than I had in mind! Grrrrr….



  1. Consumer Reports said to avoid 3/8 inch particleboard.

    • boxes, that is

  2. It can only get better from here, right? Right?!

  3. […] a month later, our cabinets arrived and we quickly realized that we had the wrong order; they were indeed particle board and not plywood. Home Depot cited a computer error and took full […]

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