Posted by: Mrs. HSH | March 27, 2011

Day 71 – and Counting …

The wrong cabinets have left the building, except for a few odds-and-ends pieces of trim. The new, correct cabinets have been re-ordered and are (supposedly) under construction.  In every home improvement project a little rain must fall.  Right? And, in Sacramento it’s been pouring, so I guess we should consider ourselves lucky that our demolition won’t start for a few more weeks!

I told a coworker the other day that we were in the middle of a kitchen remodel. He jokingly said, “So you started like five months ago and there’s still a big hole in your wall?!” I guess it’s common knowledge that these big projects always take more time than expected, always cost more than budgeted for, and never go as planned! How come I’m just learning all of this now!


Got the house back for a little while...


We have been assured that the correct cabinets will arrive within a month’s time.  For now, we have our house back (sort of) and can get started on some other, related projects that we’ve been putting off, such as repainting our laundry room. We’ve also received all of our fixtures and have been admiring them the last few days (must-stay-positive).

...most of the house back.

The teak hardwood flooring we selected actually has to acclimatize to the temperature inside the house for about two weeks before it can be installed. Got the time!

Brazilian Teak Bellawood Flooring

Our light fixtures also have arrived and look great!

School House Light Fixtures

Pendant for over the sink

It’s slowly but surely coming together. Hell, its only been 2 1/2 months! We are ahead of the game!


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