Posted by: Mrs. HSH | April 28, 2011

A Shade of Gray

Whoever said picking paint colors was easy never painted their walls neon yellow by mistake – as we did a few years back! To me, picking paint colors is a commitment somewhere between buying furniture, or getting a small tattoo. Yeah sure, you can always repaint (or opt for tattoo removal), but who wants to suffer through that!

My husband, who is also partially colorblind, is surprisingly opinionated about paint color. And, while I’ve managed to wrangle the decision making power from him on this one, he did tell me that I’ve got one shot at the kitchen. If I don’t like the paint color I choose, then apparently I’m on my own! Oh the pressure!

Since our kitchen will be mostly white, with white cabinets, granite and tile, I thought I would opt for a little color on the walls. Just a little color. When we started the remodel, I was smitten with the all- white kitchen look. It just seemed so clean, so bright to me. It was like a light and airy laundry detergent commercial, with crisp white sheets floating through the air. An all- white kitchen also held great appeal since our previous kitchen was a 1960s shade of beige. Rather, it just looked dirty – and sometimes was.

However, I’m starting to rethink the all- white look. I’m afraid it might be too sterile, too institutional. So, I’ve decided to go with gray (husband is laughing in the background). What, you might ask, could be more institutional than gray? But, gray can be surprisingly pretty and sophisticated. There are multiple shades and tones of gray, many with blue or purple undertones.

I’m going to give it a try. And, luckily for me and my one shot, there are plenty of paint samples to try out!



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