Posted by: Mrs. HSH | April 28, 2011

One Day you’re In…the Next Day You’re Ouuut!

The day has finally arrived!  Demolition Day! We have officially started our kitchen remodel! I apologize for all the exclamation points, but I’m just so freaking excited to kiss that nasty kitchen goodbye! After almost four months of active planning, we have finally transitioned into the construction phase!

Due to meetings and general craziness at work, I wasn’t able to be home for the festivities.  Jon and his lead paint detection kit (always prepared, my husband) were left to fend for themselves. The demo team arrived shortly after I left for work. So, this is what I saw when I left the house:


And, this is what I came home to:


The cabinets have left the building. Actually, most of them are sitting on our patio.  Jon has dreams of organizing his ‘man-rage’ in style! Tomorrow, the electrician will finish up and next week reconstruction begins!

Whooo Hoo!


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