Posted by: Mrs. HSH | May 11, 2011

Not All Take-Out is Created Equal

Mid-way through week three of our kitchen renovation, we are about to exhaust our dinner take-out options – and our take-out budget! It is amazing that eating out can start to get difficult! At the beginning of this process, I made a conscious decision to try to eat well.. err..healthy while we were out-a-kitchen. This is easier said than done on the Sacramento take-out scene. We already have a propensity to lean towards Mexican food to begin with, and giving up the chips and salsa that accompany most Mexican dishes is enough to blast even the strongest of will powers! However, I found a happy medium: the Mexican chicken salad. Chuck full of appetite-busting protein and fiber, the Mexican chicken salad is not only healthy, but also appetizing! Over the past several weeks, I’ve sampled more than I care to mention, some better than others. And, I have arrived at the top Mexican Salad Take-Out options (within a five-mile radius of our house):

Dos Coyotes – Surprisingly, the best I’ve had thus far, the Dos Coyotes Yucatan Chicken Salad adds a tropical twist to the traditional beans and chicken. Charbroiled chicken breast on green leaf lettuce, red onion, carrots, sweet peppers & corn with a  fruit salsa served with a Southwest vinaigrette make this salad healthy and yummy!

Una Mas – The Margarita Chicken Salad is a fresh medley of vegetables, including fresh romaine lettuce, jicama, red and green cabbage, carrots, radishes, pinto beans and salsa fresca, topped with grilled chicken. If you forgo the crispy taco shell and sour cream, this is a really healthy option!

Crepeville – Yes, not your traditional Mexican establishment, but none-the-less Crepeville serves up a mean Mexican Chicken Salad. Romaine and Spinach give this salad a garden twist, accompanied by sliced olives, black beans, avocado, bell peppers, red onions, roma tomatoes, corn and grilled chicken.

* Pronto – Not a Mexican Chicken Salad, but worth a mention because it’s just that good! Pronto’s Farmer’s Market Salad is über tasty (although, most likely not very healthy). Served with roasted chicken, greens, arugula, corn, avocado, tomatoes, dates, almonds, goat cheese and CORNBREAD CROUTONS (sooooo good!), this salad is a favorite!


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