Posted by: Mrs. HSH | May 24, 2011

Cleaning House

We are inching along with progress. The tile in the laundry room went in last week, and we are set to finish up the cabinet installation this week (hardware, trim, etc). The granite countertops are coming next Tuesday, which will start the final leg of this kitchen remodel – 129 Days & counting!


We are also officially out of all kitchen appliances– no refrigerator, washer or dryer, or any cooking apparatus! Of course, we have six shiny, new appliances sitting in our garage waiting for installation. But, until then we ‘got nothing!’ In the spirit of starting anew, we decided to have a garage sale last weekend.

Funny enough, I think it was the first garage sale I ever had. I know I’d been to a few over the years, but never actually held one. We had a decent gas range to unload and a junky portable dishwasher that came with the house to sell. In addition, my dear husband inherited a number of amusing, but totally useless kitchen appliances over the years, including a bread maker, vegetable steamer and milk frother (amazing, right!), all of which had been sitting in the garage for quite some time. Off to the yard sale they went!  I also decided to go through the ‘ol closet while I was at it and clean house!

Being a garage sale virgin, I looked up a couple of articles about how to hold an effective sale, so as to maximize all profits and minimize residual junk collection! We took heed and started early at 8am – early for me! Before we even set-up, cars were driving by and casing the joint, peering out windows and asking if we had certain things.

Man, these garage sale people are something else!

The gas range sold before 8am, and while the rest of the stuff (or junk) took a bit longer, we walked away with a decent amount of cash and garage half-empty!


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