Posted by: Mrs. HSH | May 31, 2011

Granite is in the House!

After three straight days of marathon painting, the kitchen and laundry room are a lovely shade of dolphin fin and white fir, respectively (who makes up these names anyway!?). I did manage to sneak in a few days of painting/ primer-ing before the cabinets were installed, so technically it took us five days to paint the kitchen and laundry area.

The wacky layout of our space and its four (yes, count them…four!) doors to our kitchen translated into LOTS of trim and odd spaces, and thus five days of painting. But, we are done with our part. As I sit and type away on my computer, I can hear the sweet buzz of a granite saw outside my living room. Yes, its granite install day! Yippie!

I hate to say this for fear of the universe and its odd sense of humor, but I think we see the light at the end of the tunnel! We still have the backsplash to install, the hardwood flooring, the appliances and the finishing touches for the electrical, but  I feel the end drawing near!


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