Posted by: Mrs. HSH | June 7, 2011

“Mr. Jonathan, tear down this wall!”

For the last six weeks, we’ve been living in a house divided. In order to help mitigate all the dust, dirt and grime that come with a construction site, Jon erected several plastic barriers over three out of the four entrances to our kitchen.

The only access to the kitchen has been from the backdoor/laundry room area.  We really have been living in a house divided, albeit by plastic walls! This brilliant idea, although obnoxious at times, did help to prevent a tremendous amount of clean-up on our part and saved us from inhaling all that comes along with a massive construction site. But, it is time to tear down those walls because….THE FLOOR IS IN!

The flooring crew worked long and hard today to install not only the flooring, but the plywood and other moisture barriers that lay beneath.  Although we’re not done yet, the walls have come down and the separation of workers and paying customers is now over! 😉


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