Posted by: Mrs. HSH | June 8, 2011


The end is drawing near on our kitchen remodel, and I’m in full shopaholic mode! What does one do when their house is up-turned for months on end? They go internet shopping, of course! It also helped that both Jon and I turned a year older within the last few months, and received several home improvement-related gift cards! Guilt-free shopping = the best!

For months, I’ve been on the hunt for a small kitchen table since we decided to stick with the original layout of the kitchen and keep the refrigerator in the laundry room. It’s actually really difficult to find small furniture that doesn’t come with a Swedish name like Poäng! After looking around for what seemed like too long, we decided on the Cost Plus-World Market Espresso Monroe 3-pc Breakfast Set.

Only took 2 hours to put together: A furniture assembly record!

It fit my criteria: real wood, inexpensive & small. I was fairly adamant on real wood because Jon has a history of breaking chairs (not kidding). He likes to refer to himself as a “confident sitter.” I think of it as comedy. However, I am now much more wary when purchasing furniture, especially any seating apparatus. The stools on the Monroe Breakfast Set seem to be sturdy enough!

I’ve also had fun looking for the little things, the details that make a space personal. We’re trying to stick to the 1920s feel of the house, and I happened to find this beauty on Ebay!


I also scored this register cover 50% off at Restoration Hardware.

Slowly, it’s coming together. Maybe only three to four more months! Kidding!

(Knocking on wood right now!)



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