Posted by: Mrs. HSH | June 21, 2011

Blood Pressure Rising…

It’s day 157 of the kitchen remodel, and our contractor is currently working on installing the last tidbit of our kitchen. It has been ever-so-close to being done for the last two weeks, but we’d been waiting on a replacement cabinet piece to arrive from the manufacturer (previous version arrived slightly banged up).

The cabinet panel arrived yesterday.  And, much to our chagrin, we soon realized that it wasn’t in much better shape than the previous version. We said, “Screw it.  Install the damn thing.” And with that, the last day of our kitchen remodel is upon us.

At some point, I might post a “lessons learned” article with some retrospect and/ or insightful tips on how to avoid what seems like the endless pitfalls we’ve found ourselves in. But, we are too close at the moment for any perspective, and frankly my advice might be something along the lines of “just move!”

All kidding aside (yes, mostly kidding when I say these things), it has been a long and sometimes arduous process. However, I am pretty much over the moon for my new kitchen. Honestly, it looks better than I ever imagined and was definitely worth the time and effort!

Almost Done!

Big Reveal Coming Soon….


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