Posted by: Mrs. HSH | June 22, 2011

And…That’s a Wrap!

I feel like confetti should be dropping from the ceiling right about now. Yes folks, the kitchen remodel is D-O-N-E (well, almost). Our contractors finished up the trim work yesterday and a lot of the little odds and ends that were left, like installing the awesome cabinet inserts, aka roll-out shelves and our tiered cutlery divider (Oh Yeah, Big Pimpin’ Baby)!


Jon and I sat and stared at the kitchen for a good half and hour last night, trying to take it all in. We were hesitant to break out the champagne just yet, though. We still have to have our electrical inspection, do some  painting touch-up, and the blinds have yet to be installed. But for the most part, we are done! So, what did we do last night? We went out to dinner. Old habits die hard, I guess.

Next week, I’ll tackle the grocery store!

(Pssst…Before & After Pictures Coming Soon!)


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