Posted by: Mrs. HSH | June 23, 2011

Side Note

While this blog is dedicated to all things home-related, you might be able to glean from the title that we are by no means home improvement experts, nor are we really home-improvement enthusiasts (although, the tides are slowly turning on that one). Living with our little Old Lady –our 86 year old home – demands a certain amount of attention, TLC and sweat equity.

Since we’ve been done with the kitchen for an entire 24 hours or so, my thoughts have naturally drifted to my other obsession: travel.  I’ll be honest with you. 99% of the time, my free time thoughts are consumed by travel dreaming/ scheming. I say ‘scheming’ because I don’t just like to think about travel, I like to go! This is an old obsession. I have distinct memories from early high school of sitting in the back of my U.S. History class, looking at the world map and plotting where I was going to go next. I do feel incredibly lucky to be able to journey to some crazy places, and not just dream about them. However, we do make it a priority in our lives and our budget, which does require sacrifice (one-ply ain’t so bad). But, it’s also a sickness/obsession.  Once you have the travel bug, you just can’t stop!

Last year’s trip to Africa was really one of the crowning moments of my travel experiences, so much so that I had to go back. We needed to go back. I felt this intense urge upon our return to get back on a plane and fly the 22 hours back immediately (Crazy, right!). So, it’s fairly logical (in the crazy- logic kind of way) that our next trip is back to Africa. It took a good bit of lobbying on my part, but I managed to convince my husband that last year’s trip of a lifetime could be followed up by this year’s once in a lifetime experience (the difference is obvious, of course). I know it is hard for those that don’t share the travel affliction to understand, and I don’t blame them. I told a friend the other day that we were going back to Africa this fall. She looked at me with a sort of blank stare and asked, “Why?”

That is a question that, if asked, will never be able to be answered.

 This is my only response:

Cape Point, South Africa


Sunrise in Mozambique


Middle of Nowhere, Africa





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