Posted by: Mrs. HSH | July 8, 2011

She’s Here!

When I mentioned several posts ago that I’d been on a bit of a shopping spree, I wasn’t lying. We did have to purchase all the necessary elements for our new kitchen, but I recently made one non- kitchen purchase that has me smiling from ear to ear. Tux, the blue leather chair, has arrived!

I’d actually been searching for the perfect armchair for the better part of the year. Originally, I was thinking of a lighter, cream-colored scheme. Something like this:

The beautiful, but not-so-people-friendly, white living room.

But, shortly after I vocalized this idea, several friends of mine with small children told me in so many words that white was a dumb idea! And, after some contemplation, I had to agree with them.

Good thing Oprah didn't have a white couch!

I do love the look of a light and breezy living room, but hate the idea of a spotted chair (more apt to be peppered with wine stains in our house than kiddy puke).

Alas, the search continued until one day while causally browsing the Crate and Barrel catalogue – one of the many we still receive despite Jon’s best attempts – I came across Tux! I was immediately drawn to the deep, rich blue color and the classic yet modern lines of this beauty! After a visit to my local C&B store, I also fell in love with the size of this chair. It’s big enough to be comfy and qualify as an armchair, yet small and sleek enough to not overpower our compact living room. Despite the love at first sight feeling, I wasn’t so enamored with the price tag.  After patiently waiting for several months, it finally went on sale and was marked down by almost 50%!  I took it as a sign from the design gods, and ordered it that day!

 I’m in love!  And, the shopping spree has officially come to an end!


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