Posted by: Mrs. HSH | July 19, 2011

Sort of Done


When I said we were 100% finished with our kitchen remodel, I was 99.9% right! When is a project ever really finished, right? We actually have one last impending visit from our contractor to finish a few little things – things too boring to even mention. We also have a light fixture to install in the laundry room, and new knobs to install on the laundry room cabinets.

The laundry room was mostly an afterthought. While we did have the flooring replaced (pretty, new tile), we did not touch anything else in the room. However, a fresh coat of paint and sparkly new appliances does give the appearance of a completely remodeled space. My design aesthetic was a crisp, white look – think fresh laundry (very original, I know). But, I’m starting to think we might need a little color in this room. I can hear Jon moaning through cyberspace at the thought of painting anything else (I’m cringing at the thought as well), but maybe adding a pop of color doesn’t have to mean trotting out the paint brushes.

These little color accents seem to really brighten up the space, without breaking out the drop cloth!

This cabinet gives just the right amount of color!


A pop of red!





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