Posted by: Mrs. HSH | July 20, 2011

Creating Useful Space

Next to the kitchen, I have a new favorite room in the house. The Nook.

We call it a nook because it’s a bit of an odd space, and frankly no other name really captures this room. Like several other rooms in our little old house, one can access this room from three different doors. There are French doors out to the little porch, an entry way via the dining room and a small side door leading directly into the kitchen. Not quite the Winchester Mystery House, but slightly odd all the same. I imagine this space was used as a breakfast nook at some point, specifically because there was a low-ish hanging rattan chandelier hanging when we moved in – one of the first things to go!


However, we’ve found a new, more useful purpose for this space. It is now officially my office – insert desk and fancy office chair here.



During the kitchen remodel, the nook was the dumping/ staging ground for most of our materials. Even before that, the area had become the storage bin for folding chairs, books and all other odds and ends that we wished to tuck away. With the small addition of a useful piece of furniture (Thank you, Cost plus World Market), this area now has a purpose and will be used for such! One glorious bonus to this room is the amount of light it gets. Check out the rectangle window! Now, that’s a bit odd!


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