Posted by: Mrs. HSH | August 5, 2011

Advance Planning

In addition to planning our vacations years in advance (just purchased plane tickets for NewZealand 2012), we also like to forecast our home improvement to-do list quite a bit ahead of schedule. This is mostly for the purposes of financial planning, but it also keeps us on task, preparing and planning so that we are able to tackle big projects with a fair amount of research and knowhow.

In the spirit of advance planning, I’ve begun to compile a file of inspirational photos for our bathroom remodel – slated for mid-2012. The pink has got to go!  

Current state of bathroom- very pink!

We also have a few requirements and a few restraints –what’s new! First, I’ve learned from the decent amount of work travel that I do and the fair amount of hotel bathrooms that I’ve frequented, that I do NOT want a pedestal sink. Our bathroom is small, but counter space is very important to me (and my blow dryer).

We also have restrictions on how we can configure our space due to the location of our basement stairs, adjacent the bathroom. All of this, coupled with a modest budget will make for a bit of a challenge! I think we’re up for it!

Keeping it Classic!

maximizing Counter Space


Keeping the Character!


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