Posted by: Mrs. HSH | August 16, 2011

The Utilitarian Approach

This month is chalking up to be a brainstorming session. After the trauma the kitchen inflicted upon us (being slightly over dramatic, but nonetheless), we definitely were in need of a bit of a reprieve. However, this self-imposed break from all things home-related has spurred my imagination and, as a result, I have been secretly plotting some minor upgrades for several little nooks and crannies of the house!  After all, idle minds are the devils playground!

The addition of a small, but very useful table in the kitchen has really opened my eyes to the need for some useful furniture in several other parts of the house. My new motto is creating useful space!  In addition to a few small pieces of furniture for our entryway and bedroom, I’m interested in creating some useful and interesting areas like a reading nook and a photo wall. With only 1200 square feet to work with, we have to take advantage of some of the undersevered areas of the house and put them to good use! It will be some time before these ideas are realized (have a little vacation planned for the near future), but my brainstorming session goes something like this:

Current Entryway


Nook Space


Blank Slate




  1. […] also figure that this counts as progress towards my utilitarian approach to decorating our home.  The addition of this little piece to our meager entry way will add a bit […]

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