Posted by: Mrs. HSH | August 26, 2011

Morning Ritual

The alarm sounds 7 a.m. and I groan with the knowledge that I must pry my sleepy butt out of bed. The coffee perks as I wake myself up with a hot shower and start with my morning routine.
There is no denying it. I am the ultimate create of habit, and not a morning person. But, I’ve found a new favorite morning spot to sip my coffee, read my blackberry (hate to admit it, but I do read my news off of a digital apparatus) and eat my morning English muffin. If I have to be awake before 8 a.m., this is where I like to be.

Coffee Spot

When developing the design of our new kitchen, I was really pushing for a breakfast nook, or an eat-in kitchen. Unfortunately, our layout didn’t lend itself to a traditional nook space. So we improvised and purchased a small but useful little kitchen table. Our kitchen is actually a big room in comparison with the others in our house. And, it is so nice to have a little place to sit and admire all the hard work that went into the space — even if it is before 9 a.m.!


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