Posted by: Mrs. HSH | November 10, 2011

A Tale of the Two-Day Project…

I guess it’s no surprise that this new little painting project of mine is taking more than my estimated two days. It’s Murphy’s Law, right? Or, something like that. The fact of the matter is that I always seem to either overestimate or underestimate. For instance, my husband and I took a rather “long” flight to Buenos Aires a few years ago. Before purchasing our tickets, I assumed it was only a 5-6 hour flight from the East Coast – don’t ask me why. After boarding the plane in D.C., I realized it was over 10 hours to Argentina! Oops. To my credit, the time change factor was very confusing!

But, I digress. The reason project paint-the-hallway is taking so long is because of all the beautiful/annoying trim that adorns our walls and doorways.

 See what I’m taking about…

On top of all the baseboards and door frames, we have a couple of built-in cabinets in the hallway that are in desperate need of a new coat of paint!

It’s this type of detail that made me fall in love with our house in the first place. However, it makes any project – no matter how small – take a lot more than two days! In the meantime, I’m keeping my eye on the prize and scoping out ideas for the soon-to-be hallway photo gallery. The following are a couple designs that caught my eye.

Apartment Therapy

Southern Accents

PS…We went with Behr’s ‘Calm Air’ for the walls and Behr’s ‘Moonlight White’ for the baseboards.


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