Posted by: Mrs. HSH | January 13, 2012

Mixing and Matching

According to people who know a lot more about design than I do, eclectic design is “a combination of styles in order to design an environment which would have a great look, artistic taste, and a specific connective element, which would make the whole design look as one piece of work.” Something like this:

 Or, possibly like this:


In other words, as long as everything looks put together, you can mix and match any kind of style, whether it is contemporary, traditional, funky, or what have you.

So, this is my idea. I am going to put an old, traditional-looking Windsor rocking chair (soon-to-be scored off Craigslist) …

Possible Craigslist Score

… in my light and airy nook.

Of course, it will get a coat of paint and maybe a fun and funky pillow to accessorize.  But, I think it will fit it quite nicely?

Hopefully? Maybe? Epic fail? We shall see.



  1. […] weekend, I did score the $40 Craigslist Windsor rocking chair, only to come home and decide that I didn’t really like it that much – too […]

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