Posted by: Mrs. HSH | January 20, 2012

Furniture Fail; Resolution Success

As I sit and write this, torrents of rain are streaming down my window in long smooth rivers– not exactly the get-you-in-the mood-for- painting kind of weather.

What am I painting? Let me backup.

Last weekend, I did score the $40 Craigslist Windsor rocking chair, only to come home and decide that I didn’t really like it that much – too granny.

I said, screw it hopped in the car and drove over to West Elm to make an impulse furniture buy. Well it wasn’t exactly entirely on impulse. I’d been eying the Modern Windsor over there for quite some time.

After my last post about it, one of my co-workers almost had me convinced that I’d be saving more money if I bought the chair than if I didn’t!

So, there I was pacing back and forth in West Elm. Should I buy it? Did I really like it, or was it just something I’d become fixated on because I couldn’t really find anything else? All the while, the voice in my head kept whispering to me, New Year’s Resolutions, New Year’s Resolutions! Save your money! And just as fast as I zoomed over there, I jumped in my car and zoomed home before I could make a decision. Kind of a waste of a Saturday afternoon, if you ask me. But, I stuck to my resolution (minus the $40 I spent on the crappy Craigslist find).

After all of that, I decided to go ahead and try to jazz the rocker up a little, if not for me than for another poor Craigslist- goer. Fast forward to this weekend: Ive got a chair, primer, paint and lots of rain forecasted. Perhaps I should add a bottle of wine to that list and then I might have a game plan!



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