Posted by: Mrs. HSH | June 7, 2012

The Home Improvement Hiatus is Officially Over

Despite the radio silence, momentum has been slowing building on our bathroom remodel over the last month. And, before that we were off gallivanting through New Zealand on an epic hiking trip and preoccupied with other exciting activities. So, we actually have been busy since I last checked in, and my lack of attention to this blog can, therefore, be somewhat justified.

However, momentum is about to turn into real progress as we have our first in-home estimate from a recommended contractor next week!  We’ve learned some valuable lessons through our experience with the big kitchen remodel (side note: it’s been a year since we finished the kitchen! Time flies!), and we intend to apply our experience towards our bathroom as we are hoping to do a beautiful but budget remodel!  One of the major differences from our kitchen remodel is that we intend to keep the same layout in the bathroom.  We are hoping that this will not only save us time, but money as well.  In addition, I’ve been pinning away all our fixtures and materials on Pinterest, and we have a pretty good idea of their respective cost implications! Hopefully, we will not be in for very many surprises! Although, I’m not holding my breath!

My Pinterest Board goes something like this:

Kohler Fairfax Collection


Schoolhouse Electric Light Fixtures


Subway Tile with Gray Grout


Hex Floor Tile with Gray Grout


White Vanity with Solid Surface Top (TBD)


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