I am a homeowner as of one two years. After living in 15 different apartments over the last 13 years –
not including the brief return to my parents’ house, but including the time in college that I lived with my slacker roommate in a tent on my brother’s lawn for six weeks while looking for an apartment – I have officially put down some roots.

My name is Cara and my husband’s name is Jon.  We both have “real” jobs. We are not very artistic, and we are definitely not handy! A couple years ago, we bought an 86-year old home not knowing how to screw in a light bulb. Seduced by the charm of an old neighborhood, big trees and bottom-basement home prices, we got a steal of a deal on a beautiful, old fixer-upper.

The problem (depending how you look at it) lies in the fact that we have no idea how to do anything related to home improvement. But, we have big ideas. Herein lies the story…

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